“Ripping Waves”, painted paper collage, 13″ x 21″ in 18″ x 28″ frame

This collage was of course made in the studio from sketches on location at Sela Rock, Oregon.


As restored my mother’s 1934 painting


Restoring my mother’s 1934 oil painting of California Coast



DSCF5054I have ordered some oil paints in these colors.  Below is an analysis of the colors done in watercolor.

I have been asked why restore this painting. To me it is a part of thehistory of art in California and Oregon.  I see the influence of economics of the depression. The influence of the 1930’s California style.  Also, I come close to my mother’s process of painting.  I appreciate her more.


My dream of the direction of job education in President Obama’s next four years

 This block and the other three are dedicated to my grandchildren.

The United States of America and education in 2014

The election day is so close and everyone is so sick of it, yet I can not stop working on painting the goals I hope to see us reaching for in 2014. I see the possibility of being inclusive in pooling all our talents bringing together the division we are so tired of in politics. Over the years, in instance after instance I know how important my husband’s early hands on mechanical  experience was to his ability to give and be helpful.   He learned valuable life skills Jerry rigging things together on his uncle’s subsistence farm.  It prepared him with a sense of how to put together from old trash testing equipment for product development at both  Georgia Pacific and Hewlett-Packard.  He had a sense of working with hydraulics in developing a hypothermia blanket for Whatcom County Mountain Rescue, as well as for leading in the Trout and Steelheader’s fish cause ways at Whatcom Creek Falls Fish Hatchery in Bellingham, Washington.  Then again  in Lebanon, Oregon when he was leading a project for turning an old timber pond into a year round recreational city park. From his early childhood experiences he was a confident leader in the installation of  a water pump to keep the water level up during the summer.  During the process he mentored at risk boys doing detention time.  They learned mechanical skills as well as gained a sense of pride  in their community’s park.   We know that the challenges Oregon and Washington face cannot be resolved by citizens alone or by government alone. We need to work hand in hand and not waste energy fretting about the future and  fighting one another.

I had some difficulty thinking of the positive directions our country might strive towards by 2014 but with help from my friends this is the fourth in a series using basketball to visually aid in expressing a political opinion.

Coaching one daughter’s basketball team Obama advised team to do their job and think like a team.

Possibly one of Obama’s formative experiences was playing basketball in 1975 as a highschool student.